Vibrational Energy

A little over a month ago, I took some time off from writing to launch my public relations firm, J Communications. I also took some time off to travel for my birthday – no work or emails included. I promised myself several years ago that I would travel somewhere new on my birthday as a […]

Making A Splash in 2013

I’m making a splash in 2013, by completing every task on my list successfully and outright brilliantly. My plan is aggressive. Notice I said, “tasks” and “plan”, not resolutions. I don’t make resolutions. People don’t stick to resolutions. Besides, these tasks are more than just resolutions. They’re my life, they’re my purpose. And if I […]

Possibilities and Opportunities on Your Horizon

Yesterday no longer exists. You cannot change the events that happened, your thoughts or your actions. You can, however, change what happens today. Each day is a fresh start because every new day is filled with possibilities and opportunities to: Meet someone new. You could meet your soulmate, a life-long friend or companion. Forgive someone […]

The Daily Word: Accomplish

When you think of the word accomplished, you think of someone who is successful … complete … finished. When you think of yourself as accomplished, most of the time it’s way ahead in the future after you’ve completed every little detail, goal, project, plan, nook and cranny. Whew! You made it. You’re done. Finished. Complete. The hard […]

The Daily Word: Recharge

The stresses of life or emotional vampires, as I like to call them, can suck you dry. Drain your energy and your energy reserves causing you to feel weak, empty, lethargic, or worse, anxious and worried. These emotional vampires come out of nowhere, blindsiding you when everything was seemingly fine. Whether it’s work, school, a […]

The Daily Word: Reason, Season, Lifetime

Today’s word is a multi-daily word. These words belong together. They serve a purpose together (you’ll see what I mean in the poem below). They help clarify, define and analyze our relationships when we have trouble figuring out why a difficult person has entered our lives or why we have lost someone very special to […]

The Daily Word: Inaugurate

Yesterday, here in the United States, many Americans celebrated the re-election of President Barack Obama with inaugural prayers and luncheons, balls and parades, and parties and speeches. The day marked the beginning of the President’s second term in office. A second term equipped with new policies and a revised agenda. Anyone who was brave enough […]

Sprinkling the Magic

I introduce to you, The Magic written by Rhonda Byrne. What an eye opener to life, the meaning of life, my soul, my spirit, my entire being. If you’re unfamiliar with The Magic, it’s a book that teaches you the true meaning of gratitude and how to apply gratitude to your everyday life over the […]

The Daily Word: Smile

Smile because it’s worth it to smile. Smile because it makes you more attractive. Smile because it will brighten your day. Smile because you will brighten someone else’s day just from your smile. Smile because it can make you happy when you’re feeling blue. Smiling is the simplest way to let your brain know that […]

The Daily Word: Procrastination

Tomorrow will not wait for you to plan your escape, idea, or venture. Tomorrow will not wait until you’ve identified your vision and plan of action. Tomorrow will come and go and you will still be where you were yesterday. If you’re unhappy in your current situation, whether it’s a job, marriage, or relationship, realize […]

Why Failure Is Good For Success

To achieve the greatest success, you have to embrace the prospect of failure. A powerful article with too many powerful quotes and points to chose from. I wish more people were open to the possibility of failing. Because it certainly isn’t the end of the world. Failing leads to so many wonderful things. Beyond success, it builds […]


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